Apiary Registration

California law requires all apiaries to register with their local Agricultural Commissioner's office. Apiary registrations are being processed through the Bee Where program:   Scroll to the bottom and click on the BeeWhere Quick Start for more details.

Currently we are waiving the $10 registration fee for Apiary Registrations.

Apiary Markings

Unless your apiary is at your residence, apiaries are required to be marked.

Required information:

1) Name of the owner or person responsible for the apiary

2) Address (city and state)

3) Phone number

Where do I put that information? sign at the entrance of the apiary or mark one hive per pallet.  

The markings must be in a dark color on a contrasting color background with letters no less than one inch in height.

Beekeeping Resources

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources - Bees in the Neighborhood: Best Practices for Urban Beekeepers - Best Practices


Our department does not remove bee swarms.  If you have a swarm of HONEY BEES in your yard that you would like removed, please check this list of local beekeepers put together by the Beekeepers' Guild of San Mateo County - swarm removal list.  If they are ground nesting yellowjackets, please contact San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District and Request Service.