Apiary Registration

California law requires all apiaries to register with their local Agricultural Commissioner's office. 

Apiary registrations are being processed through the Bee Where program:   Scroll to the bottom and click on the BeeWhere Quick Start for more details.

Starting in January 2020, San Mateo County will be collecting a $10 registration fee for Apiary Registrations with 10 or more hives.  Currently (in 2019) we are not collecting registration fees.

Apiary Markings

Unless your apiary is at your residence, apiaries are required to be marked.

Required information:

1) Name of the owner or person responsible for the apiary

2) Address (city and state)

3) Phone number

Where do I put that information?

sign at the entrance of the apiary or mark one hive per pallet.  

The markings must be in a dark color on a contrasting color background with letters no less than one inch in height.

Beekeeping Resources

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources - Bees in the Neighborhood: Best Practices for Urban Beekeepers - Best Practices


Our department does not remove bee swarms.  If you have a swarm of HONEY BEES in your yard that you would like removed, please check this list of local beekeepers put together by the Beekeepers' Guild of San Mateo County - swarm removal list.  If they are ground nesting yellowjackets, please contact San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District and Request Service.